Spacemetric In A Far Cloud

Spacemetric has been awarded a contract from the EU (Horizon 2020) and the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova for participation in the project Aggregate Farming in the Cloud (AFarCloud).Work will run from Autumn 2018 till Spring 2021, providing a distributed platform for autonomous farming for real-time integration and cooperation of agriculture systems. The platform will be integrated with farm management software and agricultural machinery, supporting monitoring, decision-making solutions and actual farming.

AFarCloud will use three demonstrators (Finland, Spain and Italy), including cropping and livestock management scenarios, and eight local demonstrators in four additional countries in order to test functionalities and validate project results in different European regions.

Spacemetric will

  • Provide import, storage and sharing of images and metadata with end users based on the Keystone software
  • Interact with UAS producers/users, using the results to improve the services provided by Keystone

The work will further strengthen Spacemetric’s increasing focus on smart data handling for civilian airborne applications.