PEONEER – Persistent earth observation from space with automated interpretation of data and information, including artificial intelligence, cloud solutions and real time on-board processing by sensors

PEONEER is a three-year European Defence Agency project carried out by a European consortium led by e-GEOS. It will address feasibility analysis, design and prototype of a software platform to support the geoinformation- based intelligence in:

  • defining the most suitable satellite and non-satellite data planning and collection strategy to carry out Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) tasks;
  • automatic extraction of motion information as an activity indicator and for pattern-of-life analysis; and
  • defining specific workflows for ABI tasks for maritime and land applications to improve the decision-making process.

PEONEER will prototype an operational customisable platform for persistent Earth Observation from space. Advanced analytics tolls will be deployed, focusing on ABI, including use of social media and other non-EO data. PEONEER will allow both defining and adding tools as well as federating existing and planned data assets.

Innovative AI tools and methodologies (Machine Learning/Deep Learning) will support extraction of information and pattern-of-life data from large quantities of unstructured data. A platform will be designed and configured, based on the federation of existing and planned space data assets and algorithms in the radar and optical domains. Bespoke information flows will be extracted and visualised.

Spacemetric will mainly contribute its image data management capability, focusing on using and developing its Bluestone capability. Bluestone allows a user to understand, from the ground, what data is available on board a multitude of sensors, allowing a ground-based user to select on-board data for bespoke processing and download. Spacemetric will also bring to the table its considerable FMN competence.

The consortium members are:

  • eGEOS (Italy)
  • AIRBUS DS SAS (France)
  • Earthcube (France)
  • HISDESAT (Spain)
  • ATEM (Spain)
  • Elsis (Lithuania)
  • Terma (Denmark)
  • Spacemetric (Sweden)
  • TOVEK (Czech Republic)
  • DefSecIntel Solutions (Estonia)