Patent-pending 4D video solution to support rescue operations

Spacemetric has applied for a preliminary US Patent for a real-time solution to create 4D video from drones.

Video from drones can already today give emergency services, security authorities and armed forces situational awareness for rapid decision-making in crisis situations. Spacemetric’s invention will significantly enhance decision support by creating real-time 4D models showing not only fixed objects in 3D, but also dynamic events such as moving vehicles, smoke plumes, flood waters, accident scenes and crowds.

The 4D data gives on-site personnel and decision makers the opportunity to interactively study dynamic events from points of view of their own choosing – in the same way we today might interact with static 3D models on screen or using VR/AR devices.

A project is already under way to develop the necessary image processing system with support from the Swedish innovation agency, Vinnova. This will deliver preliminary results later this year (for more detail see

Spacemetric is actively seeking partners for full-scale implementations of the invention.