Order from SAAB for UAV video development


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Spacemetric has received an order from SAAB to develop functionalities in its flagship product Keystone for SSIC, the intelligence cell in the Swedish Armed Forces UAV 03.

In SSIC, Keystone handles the live video stream from the UAV, draping still imagery onto a chosen overlay. This functionality has greatly contributed to the operators’ perception of what they are seeing.

The new delivery consists of functionalities to help analysts understand where, in a certain video, footage over a certain point/area can be found, and also draping true ortho-video mosaic onto an overlay in real-time.

The ability to know where a certain area is fond on a video will further speed up the work in the intelligence cell, saving valuable time in difficult situations. The new ortho-video mosaic functionality is assessed to significantly increase the operators’ understanding of what they see, and where, resulting in even better split-second interpretations and decisions.