Metria – Keystone for mosaic production

Metria has ordered a rental of a Keystone system to produce 2020 SACCESS layers for Lantmäteriet, the Swedish land survey entity. Lantmäteriet has been running the public and free satellite image service SACCESS since June 2008. Its database contains satellite images of Sweden from the 1970s onwards. From 2007, SACCESS new nationwide datasets are added annually. These datasets are used e.g. for studies of landscape change, agriculture and forestry.

Saccess provides both unprocessed satellite scenes for the expert, orthocorrected satellite scenes for the experienced GIS user, and cloudless nation-wide mosaics composed of orthocorrected satellite scenes. Users can also create their own mosaics in infrared or natural colours.

In addition to renting out the Keystone system, Spacemetric will support the production process with technical know-how.