Innovair – Advanced Image Management and Cloud Detection On-Board Aerial Vehicles

Innovair is Sweden’s national strategic innovation programme for aeronautics, aiming at coordinating and supporting stakeholders from industry, universities, institutes, associations and government agencies active in the aeronautics sector. Amongst its activities is found a programme directed at SMEs. Under this programme, Spacemetric, together with SAAB, has been given partial funding for a one-year project to develop functionality for advanced image management and cloud detection with high-performance computers in miniature format on board aircraft.

The project will use high-performance miniature computers (NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ computers with powerful graphics processors for machine learning tasks). An additional purpose is to prepare for further utilisation of the computers’ ability for advanced image management (e.g. deep learning, pattern recognition and object tracking).

The work will increase the competitiveness of Spacemetric’s image processing software Keystone as well Spacemetric’s attractiveness as a supplier to SAAB, FMV and other Swedish and foreign players (integrators of airborne surveillance systems, UAV manufacturers, operators of flight and UAV systems). Another Innovair aim is to strengthen Swedish aviation industry competitiveness.

Spacemetric will be responsible for project management and the development of functionality; and SAAB Aeronautics will assist with requirements / validation work.